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Vitamins & Minerals

Are Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, Created Equal?

Vitamins and Minerals has a role to play, in general health. Most often, people get the required amount through a varied diet consisting of Vegetables, Fruit, Meat, Cereals and dairy products. Anyone who find interest in health and especially fitness enthusiasts will supposedly think that they get a healthy and varied diet. However the challenge is, that athletes and fitness enthusiasts often live within a very structured plan. 

A diet plan is not necessarily varied.

Think about it. You live week after week, 24 hours a day according to the same principles that are adjusted as needed to take on weight or lose weight. In a perfect world, variation would appear in the form of changing food sources, but it is difficult to "Calculate with." One of the main points of a diet is to count calories, and adjust as little as possible thus having maximum benefits. If this is to be done continousky week by week, there is a need for the variables to be as small as possible, and therefore the variations is often minimal.


Which Vitamins and Minerals Should You use as Dietary Supplements?

This is just as individual as people are different. It must be based on the individuals diet and lifestyle, in order to address whether or not there is a need for a vitamin or mineral supplement. However, there are some basic supplements that might be beneficial for everyone

  • A good multivitamin. Choose a quality multivitamin with good reference sources.
  • Vitamin D3. Most do not "suffer" from 3-5000 IU extra d3 vitamin daily, summer and winter
  • Calcium / Magnesium - If you do not use milk products, calcium may be an advantage. Magnesium is perhaps the most important mineral for athletes who sweat a lot and are more physically active than average.

We recommend products from Life Extension as the sources of vitamins and minerals are listed, and you can rely on the sources. Life Extension is a high-end product that is not made for distribution (read, not super profitable) as the idea behind the company is to make a quality product, at a price that everyone can participate in.

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